Metallica-Rock In Rio Madrid, 14-6-2010 [Audio Oficial]

01 Creeping Death.mp3

02 For Whom The Bell Tolls.mp3

03 Through The Never.mp3

04 Disposable Heroes.mp3

05 Kirk Solon 01.mp3

06 Fade To Black.mp3

07 That Was Just Your Life.mp3

08 The End Of The Line.mp3

09Sad But True.mp3

10 Bass Solo.mp3

11 Welcome Home Sanitarium.mp3

12 Cyanide.mp3

13 One.mp3

14 Master Of Puppets.mp3

15 Fight Fire With Fire.mp3

16 Kirk Solo 02.mp3

17 NothingElse Matters.mp3

18 Enter Sandman.mp3

19 Encore Jam.mp3

20 Am I Evil.mp3

21 Phantom Lord.mp3

22 seek And Destroy.mp3

Pass:  metalrules


  1. el enlace a la hora de descomprimirlo te pide contraseña como puedo obtenerla

  2. Lo tienes bajo el enlace, donde pone pass


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